The Wizarding World of Woodbridge 
A magical escape room experience like no other
Woodbridge, Virginia
February 1 – March 31 2017 
The Wizarding World of Woodbridge is beyond an escape room. It’s a magical quest to obtain a long-concealed secret elixir before a power-hungry wizard can claim it for himself! It is the ultimate adventure for you and your friends! You’ll need to work together to make your way through a series of challenges to find secret messages, and puzzles left by the wizards who created the Elixer over 300 years ago! HometownGo, a 5-star rated local business, has worked their muggle butts off to make this the most immersive, challenging, fun and above all MAGICAL experience around! We CAN’T WAIT for you to come have your own Wizarding adventure with us right here in Woodbridge VA.
This wizarding adventure was designed in two parts; starting with chapter 1: the Rogue Sorcerer (now through February). We have integrated local history into the story of this adventure starting with the very location it inhabits. Tackett’s Mill of Woodbridge Virginia (originally located in Stafford Va) was once known as the “center of the universe” for the French Hugonot colony it served. Inspired by European emigration and its impact on indigenous peoples, we have woven a tale of magic and mystery into the very fabric of early America. Once each group completes chapter 1, they may continue onward to chapter 2: The Curse of the High Priestess where they will encounter a whole new set of challenges, building on their prior experience and working together to reverse an ancient spell cast by a formidable witch many years ago. 
Each aspect of the experience has been beautifully realized with the intention of creating a truly magical environment. From the moment you walk through the door, you are immediately transported to another world. As you walk down the corridor of a large train platform you will be greeted by a member of our team who will show you to the Cloaking Station where you will be able to choose your wizard robe to wear throughout the challenge. Each room of the event has been decorated and appointed with items and artwork created especially for WWW, creating an unmatched level of detail to enhance your magical experience. After your group has acquired the Elixer, your victory will be celebrated with a complimentary cup of delicious hot butter beer followed by group and individual photoshoot, complete with all the props a wizard could conjur. 
Everything that HometownGO does I am blown away by. The effort, quality and detail that goes into creating an immersive and well rounded event is amazing!” Von Cassidy, 5 stars
“Just do it! It’s a blast. There is so much heart, soul and detail. You will love it! I would participate in anything this company produces!” – Kristi Kiger, 5 stars
“The Wizarding World of Woodbridge (Chapter 1) was so much fun!! Looking forward to coming to more events!” – Stephanie Gordon, 5 stars
Reserve your place in magical history for Chapter 1: The Rogue Sorcerer now before the start of chapter 2 in March!

About section: HometownGo is the actualized dream of two recklessly hopeful people who love good times and their home town. Abruptly launched in July of 2016, HometownGo found a home in Occoquan, VA where they began their first event: Pokemon Cruises. Forming a partnership with another local business, owners John Greenwood and Emily Perkins created a unique party cruise for Pokemon Go players featuring an hour-long cruise along the Occoquan River, charging stations, music, lights and a themed drink menu. HometownGo’s next event was the wildly creepy Historical Ghost Tours of Occoquan’s legendary Rockledge Mansion. With the continued success of Pokemon Cruises through the holidays, HometownGo began plans for their current event: The Wizarding World of Woodbridge.

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