Beers of War Tournament and Barcade!

Beers of War

Tournament and Barcade

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beers of war barcade tournament


The area’s first GEARS of WAR 4 tournament!!

Beers of War will be a 21 & up, 2 vs 2 team tournament. Contact a buddy and start practicing now or use AIM HIT GO’s facebook page to find a teammate.

                         Prizes Include

First Place: A rare collectable Gears of War 4 Copper Mug and Coaster set & $25 each!

Second Place: $20 gift card to Smokey Bones

Third Place: Free voucher to any future AIM HIT GO tournament (barcade not included)

VIDEO GAMES!! BEERS!! FOOD!! What more could you want?!

Gather your friends and join us at SMOKEY BONES BAR & FIRE GRILL for another awesome video game event.

Enjoy amazing wings and ice cold beers courtesy of SMOKEY BONES BAR & FIRE GRILL!

AIM HIT GO will be setting up multiple HD tvs to bring you an exciting barcade and tournament experience. Have a blast with new and retro games to satisfy gamers of all types.  Win prizes, compete with friends, meet new gamers in your area!!

Pricing: $5 per person for unlimited barcade play.
$10 per person for unlimited free play and entry into
The BEERS of WAR Barcade Tournament.

Please print your receipts and present them at the event for entry or present your mobile device with your receipt.

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